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About Tanya Chua

TanyaTANYA CHUA started out singing English songs. In Year 1997 Tanya released her First English album, "Bored". In Year 1998, she became the First Singaporean to win the Grand Prize for "The Best Composer" at the Asia Song Festival 1998 in Philippines Manila, under the Unpublished Category with her song composition, "Hear Me".

In Year 1998, she went on to further her studies at the Musical Institute, USA LA.

In Year 1998 Tanya signed on with PolyGram Music Taiwan. In Year 1999, she released her first Mandarin album, "TANYA蔡健雅". The first hit song from the album, "呼吸" (Breathe) was a critical hit in Taiwan, where she made a name for herself as a reputable singer-songwriter. In Year 1999 Tanya had also released her Second English album, "Luck".

In the year 2000, Tanya signed on with Universal Music Record Company Taiwan and released her Second Mandarin Album "記念 (Remembrance)". In Year 2001, Tanya released her Third Mandarin Album "相信 I Do Believe" and her Fourth Album "默契 (Tacit Understanding) New + Greatest Hits".

In Year 2001, Tanya Chua became the First and Only Singer songwriter to be invited to write and sing for the National Day Parade Theme Song, "Where I Belong." (屬於)

In the Year 2002 Tanya released her Third English Album "Jupiter" and held her first big concert in Singapore. In the Year 2002, Japan S2S Music released "Secret Lavender EP" Album for Tanya Chua, crediting and acknowledging her as one of the Best Female Singer in Asia.

In Year 2003 Tanya signed a new contract with Warner Music Taiwan. With more confidence in Year 2003, she released her Fifth Mandarin Album "陌生人 (Stranger)" and topping Album Sales Charts and Music Charts in Asia, hailing her as the Best Selling and Most Outstanding Female Singer Songwriter.Tanya Launching new album

In Year 2005 Tanya released her Sixth Mandarin Album, "雙棲動物 (Amphibian)". In the Year 2006 with "雙棲動物 (Amphibian)" album, she won Taiwan's most prestigious award, "第十七屆臺灣金曲獎最佳國語女演唱人" (The 17th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Female Singer).

In Year 2006 her Seventh Mandarin Album, "T-time New + Greatest Hits" marked an end to her album contract with Warner Music Taiwan. Tanya won the "Best Composer" for her song "障眼法" and her first hit song, "Beautiful Love" was named Top Ten Hit Songs at the Global Chinese Music Awards (Singapore), October 2006.

In the Year 2005 with her experiences and success in the music industry, Tanya made a brave decision to set up her own music production company with her mother.

In September 2006, she terminated her Artiste Management contract with Music & Movement (S) Pte Ltd. With effect from 9th October 2006, Tanya appointed Tangy Music Entertainment LLP as her Exclusive Worldwide Artiste Management Company.

In Year 2007, Tanya set up Tangy Music Group Singapore, with six companies under its name; Tangy Music Entertainment, Tangy Music Productions, Tangy Music Publishing, Tangy Music Records, Tangy Music Film & Video Productions, and Tangy Music Book Publishing. She also became the First Singapore Artiste and Musician to set up her Music Productions Company, Tian Ya Music Productions in Taiwan.

Tanya hit the Number 1 spot on all Taiwan Album Sale and Music ChartsIn Year 2007 Tanya started her dream project of producing her new Mandarin Album "Goodbye & Hello"under her own companies Taiwan Tian Ya Music Productions and Singapore Tangy Music Productions. She composed all the 10 songs in the album, and wrote 6 lyrics. She also took up the challenge of becoming the recording engineer and producer of her album, making her the sole owner of her Album Master Rights. Tanya licensed her highly anticipated Eighth Mandarin Album, "Goodbye & Hello" to AsiaMuse Music Taiwan. "Goodbye & Hello" was released worldwide on the 19th October 2007.

Within a week of release (19th October 2007 to 25th October 2007), Tanya's album "Goodbye & Hello" hit the Number 1 spot on all Taiwan Album Sale and Regional Music Charts. Taiwan "G-Music風雲榜綜合榜第一名 (G-Music Combo Chart No 1)", "G-Music風雲榜華語榜第一名 (G-Music Mandarin Chart No 1)", and "五大金唱片華語暢銷排行榜第一名 (5 Music Mandarin Chart No 1)" , made her the Best Selling Artiste in Taiwan.

On top of it, Tanya's song "當你離開的時候" was also crowned first on Taiwan "Hit FM Hito中文排行榜第一名 (Hit FM HITO Mandarin Chart No 1)", Malaysia FM 988 and Asia Global Chinese Music Chart. With all the glowing reviews from Musicians and impressive results, Tanya Chua's "Goodbye & Hello" album was hailed by Asia Media as the Best Album of 2007.

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